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NCU Google Calendar?

 I wonder that there is not an NCU Calendar in google that all staff can access.  It seems to me that an institutional calendar (or calendars) could be used to facilitate communication and make it really easy for students and staff to see deadlines and upcoming events.

Items in the calendar could be classified so that members of the public could subscribe to be alerted for certain events. Google calendar can be used to efficiently facilitate secretarial work by invite committee members to attend a meeting on a particular date.

Collaboration between users is quite easily possible and a few key people could have authority to maintain the calendar.  The time taken to do this, would be returned in efficiency across the workforce, with less calls (as I have done) trying to ascertain particular dates and times.  Google calendar is quite easy and intuitive to use.  Individuals are able to customise pop-up reminders according to personal preference.

I have to wonder, do any of the departments or individuals at NCU already use google calendar? How do you find it? If not, why not?  I think that as we look ahead to strategic planning for 2017 and beyond, particularly given our current largely web-based community, this could be an important element for cohesion.

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