Aeorion allows course content to be copied from one course to another course from content entered in learning units. To achieve this follow the steps below:

1. Click the course you wish to copy content to

2. Click the 'New unit from previous course' link under the Learning units tab. 

3. Click the course you want to copy from. Please note that by default the courses shown will match the course code that you want to copy to. If you want to copy from another course not listed by default but that you taught in Aeorion,           click the 'All' link at the top of the copy area. There may be multiple pages listing all the courses taught in Aeorion when 'All' is clicked so go through the pages if necessary by clicking the page number.

4. Select the course that you want to copy from

5. Select the learning unit(s) to copy then click 'Create'. All dates are removed from the copied information and therefore the dates for assignments and assessments etc will have to be set. 

    You can remove or add activities to units where necessary. All learning units must be published for students to see the information. 

Possible problems and what to do

1. If there are problems when publishing a learning unit, please check if any date or other required information is missing from activities in the unit.