2. Once the Launcher has been downloaded click on Join Room and then Launch Blackboard Collaborate now.

3. A pop up window will ask what you want to do with the file. Click Open.

    Note: Make sure that the file is meeting.collab and it is being opened with the Blackboard Collaborate Launcher.

4. A Windows Security Alert pop up may prompt you for permission to run Collaborate depending on your security preferences.

Make sure to check the appropriate boxes and click Allow access.




If a pop up window appears saying that a program needs to be chosen to open the Collaboratesession, go to the Downloads folder and


ensure that the session file is named meeting.collab and not meeting.jnlp. If it is not, rename it and try to open the file.



If the file still can't find a program to open it, right click on the Windows Start button and go to the Control panel and launch Programs.

In the programs menu click on Make a File Always Open in a Specific Program.

Make sure that the .collab file is associated with the Blackboard Collaborate Launcher and clickChange Program


Launch the Blackboard Collaborate Session!