If there is an event in which you had installed the Office 365 Suite but it is still saying in the program bar "Unlicensed Product", or it doesn't allow you to use any of the applications, perform the following steps:

  1. Click the following link: Unlicensed Product and activation errors in Office.
  2. On the resulting web-page, scroll to Step 4: Troubleshoot Office activation 
  3. Click on the download button for the Support and Recovery Assistant for Office 365 (or click here).
  4. After the download is complete, install the application. After the installation is complete open the application.
  5. Select Office for the option "Which apps are you having problems with?". Click Next.
  6. Select the second option "I've installed Office, but I can't activate it", for "Select the problem you're having"Click Next.
  7. Select Yes for "Is this the affected machine". Click next.
  8. Enter the email that is associated with the Office programs. Note that this is the youremail@my.ncu.edu.jm that is provided on your Aeorion under the Office 365 section. You can request your account if none is present. Click Next
  9. The troubleshooting will be in effect now. After it is complete, you should be able to use your office programs without any issues. Feel free to contact us if the problem persists.