It is very easy for anyone can make a payment to you student's account without sharing any sensitive personal information with them, such as GPA, Grades, etc.. 

See the following steps:

  1. Log into your AeorionSMS student's account using your Login ID (Student's ID) and Password
  2. Click on Third Party Payment under the Finance Section.

  3. Click on "Generate A Payment Key" or View Existing Payment Key if you already has one and do not want to change it. 

  4. When you click Generate A Payment Key your Third Party Payment Key will appear.

  5. Click Print Your Key to copy or highlight the key and copy it.

  6. Give this key the person who will be making a payment to your account.

  7. Instruct the person to visit:

  8. Tell the person to click  on Third Party Payment at the top right hand corner of the page

  9. Enter the Payment Key provided and proceed to make the payment using a Credit Card.

  10. Fill out the credit card form and click Pay Now. The payment will be credited directly to the student's account after processing.

  11. That's it. 

NB. Only Credit Card Payment can be made using the Third Payment Payment option.