The following information can be retrieved at the link Transfer Students:

In order to be considered, transfer students must be in good social and academic standing at all institutions previously attended. Students who transfer from approved institutions of higher education, may have credits earned in those institutions accepted without validating examinations, by doing the following:

  • Submitting complete transcripts from schools attended. Regular placement is dependent on evaluation of the transcript. Transcripts will not be regarded as valid unless they are sent by the registrars of the respective institutions directly to the Admissions & Enrollment Management Office of Northern Caribbean University. Not more than 96 semester credit hours may be accepted toward a bachelor's degree or 32 semester credits toward an associate degree or a diploma.
  • Submitting course outlines if exemptions are desired.
  • Meeting a grade of "C" on all transferable credits. For a credit to be accepted, it must be relevant to the student's particular programmes at Northern Caribbean University. An applicant's work may be summarized on one transcript, but transfer credits will not be accepted until an official transcript has been received from each institution.
  • Meeting Northern Caribbean University entrance requirements if transferring with less than sophomore standing from an accredited or approved college/university.

Please Note

  • Transfer credits are regarded as provisional from the time of an applicant's admission until the completion of 16 credits, with at least a 2.5 GPA, and are applied to their permanent record at the time of graduation.
  • If students request a transcript from Northern Caribbean University before they graduate, credits from institutions previously attended will not be listed on the transcript. After the Admissions and Records Office has received official transcripts, an assessment will be given to the students and to the relevant department chairpersons.
  • Students applying from non-approved colleges/universities with a grade point average of at least 2.00 may be accepted on probation. Status will be regularized only after the completion of 16 credits with at least a 2.5 GPA.